When the Church Says ‘Mormon Underwear’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Mormons Under Clothing’

When the Church Says ‘Mormon Underwear’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Mormons Under Clothing’

October 31, 2021 Comments Off on When the Church Says ‘Mormon Underwear’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Mormons Under Clothing’ By admin

In response to a recent controversy involving a garment under the LDS Church’s robe, the Church’s official website posted a correction that said “Mormon under clothing does not mean Mormons under clothing” in a section on the garments, which are sometimes called “mormon underwear.”

The correction, posted Friday, said the words “Mormons under clothing, or MOSD” have been used “in the past” and that “the term ‘underwear’ was used by the Church as a synonym for ‘mormon clothing.'”

The correction also added that “in accordance with Church policy, MOSDs do not mean ‘MOSD under clothing.'”

The Church did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The LDS Church has been struggling with its image over its past history.

It has long faced criticism for its treatment of LGBT people and its history of anti-gay discrimination.

The church has apologized for its history, but not its current policy of expelling gays and lesbians and barring the ordination of gay people.

Earlier this month, the LDS church issued a public apology for its past statements that have come under fire.

“We have made a mistake by using the term ‘mormons under garments’ to refer to a garment or item of clothing that is not Mormon under clothing,” the church said in a statement.

“As such, the phrase ‘under clothing’ does not refer to the garment or garment item.”

The LDS church has faced scrutiny in recent years for its role in the controversy over the “underwear” issue.

The garments that Mormons wear were originally used in 1856 by the Mormon church in Utah, which at the time was the only Mormon state.

The Mormon Church has since moved to the Salt Lake Valley, where it now operates around 100 temples, more than 30 missions and more than 200 wards.

It is now a large denomination with a membership of more than 100 million people worldwide.

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