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Why the Mormon garment symbol has a very different meaning than you might think

July 14, 2021 Comments Off on Why the Mormon garment symbol has a very different meaning than you might think By admin

By Sarah KoyfmanPublished March 04, 2017 12:29:38It might not look much like the typical garment cover, but it is one of the symbols of the Mormon church, and the reason it has such a different meaning from a traditional cover is due to a theory of how the church uses garments.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) has been around for nearly a century, and its teachings on dress are far more complex than most would think.

The LDS church believes that garments, including headgear and other garments worn by the church, should not be confused with traditional garments.

And it does not think that the cover worn by a person who goes to church should be a cover.

The clothing covers worn by LDS men and women are called “dress coverings,” and it is considered by the Mormon Church to be one of its primary symbols.

“The covering is the vestment that covers the body and is worn as a cover for the body,” explains Koyffmans blog.

“The covering of the body is not a covering of its body; it is an expression of the soul.”

The cover is worn at the time of a person’s baptism and is not visible to anyone else.

Koyfman explains the cover as “a symbol of God’s blessing and protection of His people.”

“It is used as a symbol of salvation,” she says.

“It is a symbol that is associated with the resurrection.”

Koyffs blog also provides examples of how LDS church garments can be used in other ways.

“One of the reasons I think that many people think that we don’t have to follow the same clothing guidelines as other religions is that we have very different ideas of what the church should or should not wear,” she writes.

“Some people think we should just follow the rules of the church that we’re told, for example, to wear clothes that are clean and unadorned.

Others think that our clothing should be clean and clean, unadorn, uncluttered.

Some people think it should be like a church uniform.”

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