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The first woman to walk across the Atlantic using a bicycle is on her way to a new career in the entertainment industry

July 7, 2021 Comments Off on The first woman to walk across the Atlantic using a bicycle is on her way to a new career in the entertainment industry By admin

A woman who made it to the top of the career ladder by becoming the first woman on a bicycle has been hailed a “genius” for her achievements.

Emma Matson, 37, was one of the first women to make the leap from cycling to the entertainment business in the US.

She is now an executive producer and executive producer of TV series American Crime Story and has been working on the forthcoming series American Gods.

Ms Matson told the ABC’s Insiders programme that she felt lucky to be able to become the first female cyclist.

“The women that I’ve met in my career, I think they feel the same way,” she said.

“It’s just a feeling of gratitude.”

I’m honoured to be in the same company as them, so I’m excited for them.

“Ms Mathy is currently working on a new series of American Gods, which is due to air in 2018.”

There’s no doubt that this is an amazing opportunity to help build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive entertainment industry, and I’m honoured and excited to be part of that,” she added.”

As an individual, I feel the most privileged to be working with such an amazing group of talented people, and it’s been an honour to share my knowledge with them.

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