Obama: ‘We’re Going to Make a Difference’ in the War Against ISIS

Obama: ‘We’re Going to Make a Difference’ in the War Against ISIS

September 24, 2021 Comments Off on Obama: ‘We’re Going to Make a Difference’ in the War Against ISIS By admin

President Barack Obama said the U.S. will continue to wage an air war against the Islamic State militant group as well as other groups.

Obama said Sunday the U!


has launched more than 300 air strikes and is sending more than 200 advisers to Iraq and Syria to help train and equip Iraqi forces.

The president spoke at a White House ceremony honoring troops killed in the war, as well a U.N. Security Council session on the Syrian conflict.

Obama spoke during a news conference marking the end of a five-day Easter weekend holiday, a week before the United Nations Security Council begins to discuss a resolution to Syria.

We are going to make a difference.

We’re going to be there.

We are going after these bad guys and we are going in with the force that we’ve got.

President Barack Obama speaks at the White House after attending a U!


security council session in Geneva, Switzerland, on Saturday.

This is the way we’re going, President Obama said.

And, we’re not going to sit back and watch as we see our friends and allies attacked and have their own people slaughtered.

He said the United States will continue its fight against the terror group with an air campaign.

And we are also going to continue our efforts to fight ISIS, he said.

After the news conference, Trump told reporters he was “very happy” to see Obama attend.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve been looking forward to it,” Trump said.

“It’s a very positive thing.”

Trump told reporters the two leaders spoke by phone and had a conversation about the conflict.

“We talked about ISIS, Syria, Iran, and other things, and they were very good,” Trump told ABC News.

Trump also said he was pleased to hear that Obama had been in the U.-N.


“It was a great honor, I was very happy to hear about it,” he said of the meeting.

“He’s a friend of mine and a great friend of ours.

He was very nice to me.

We had a great conversation.

It was a very good and a very successful meeting.”

Obama was also in the room for the White-House Summit on Women’s Leadership, which Trump has said will be the first summit he heads to after his first presidential campaign.

Obama is scheduled to attend the summit on Monday.

During the news briefing, Trump said he plans to make some announcements on the sidelines of the summit.

But Trump said that his visit to the United Kingdom and to a NATO summit later this week will not include the U-N.


In the wake of the Paris attacks, Obama called for an end to the use of the term “radical Islam.”

He said the term is “defining” and that the Islamic group that carried out the attacks is not radical, but simply an outgrowth of “fear and division” in the world.

On Saturday, Obama spoke at the United Nation’s annual General Assembly, where he called the attacks “the biggest act of terrorism” in modern history.

“That terror has no religion.

It is an ideology of hatred,” Obama said at the event.

“This is not some distant past.

This is a threat we must confront now.”

The White House declined to comment on whether Trump had made a decision on whether to visit the U .

N. or NATO.

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