How to make a commercial garment steamed

How to make a commercial garment steamed

August 16, 2021 Comments Off on How to make a commercial garment steamed By admin

Commercial garments steamed in a commercial steamer will not cause any problems with the fabric or the water, according to the Australian Manufacturing Quality Commission.

Key points:The commission said it would not recommend using commercial garments steamer for industrial washingThe commission will consider public comments on whether commercial garments should be allowed to use commercial steaming facilitiesIt said the commission will look at the issue again next yearIndustrial steaming can cause the same problems as commercial washing, the commission said.

The commission, which is responsible for standards, safety and standards compliance for industrial goods, said it was aware of concerns raised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in July.

It had asked the industry body to consider whether commercial steamed garments should not be allowed as commercial steams.

But the commission decided not to recommend that commercial steambaths be used for industrial steaming.

The ACCC asked the commission for a report by August 3.

The review will consider the ACCC’s recommendations and consider public submissions.

The Australian Manufacturing Standards Authority (AMSA) is now reviewing the ACSC’s guidance, the Australian Industry Group said.

“It’s a very significant development and we’re very happy that it’s now been published, so we can get to the real issues with this, which are actually quite similar to what we were saying a couple of months ago,” AMSA managing director David Smith said.

Commercial steaming, which involves using commercial steammable materials in a steamer, is not banned in Australia.

However, it is not allowed for industrial purposes.

It is only allowed for use for washing, cleaning and storage purposes, AMSA spokesman Steve Brown said.

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