Fashion brand makes a controversial garment, but it’s still selling a ton of them

Fashion brand makes a controversial garment, but it’s still selling a ton of them

September 16, 2021 Comments Off on Fashion brand makes a controversial garment, but it’s still selling a ton of them By admin

An Indonesian brand of clothing has gone on the offensive against garment-makers and made a controversial product that has earned it a lot of controversy.

The brand is called Zara, which means “Zara” in Malay, and it has been called the “worlds first mass-produced garment” because it’s the first one that has been manufactured entirely in the factory.

But in the last few years, Zara has also been the target of criticism, and its product has been branded as “racist”.

The company says it’s not trying to be “racist”, and says it has never tried to make clothes for people from ethnic groups that aren’t in Zara’s “core”.

But a recent review by a Dutch company found that Zara clothing did indeed discriminate against people of colour.

Zara says that it’s made products for people of all backgrounds.

But Zara did not respond to BBC Trending’s request for comment.

And the criticism of the clothing company comes after Zara made headlines last year when it started selling its “pockets” under a name, and was criticised by a woman who claimed the name “sucked”.

In response, Zana launched a new “white” version of its garments called the Zara “Pockets”.

Zara said it had made the new design “because we have always been concerned about the growing numbers of people who choose to wear Zara garments, including women of colour”.

“We have always tried to take a progressive stance, and we will continue to do so,” it said.

Zola says that its new product is the result of a number of years of work and research, and that the company is now focused on developing its “original and most distinctive product”.

“The original Zara is the product of our research and development, which we believe is the most authentic and creative product ever created,” it added.

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